Dr. Stephanie Peters – DVM

While growing up in southern Louisiana, Dr. Peters knew she wanted to become a veterinarian from a very early age. At one time during her adolescence, she had rescued and accumulated six stray dogs, always entreating her parents to take in “just one more.” Additionally, Dr. Peters had the opportunity to witness the birthing of foals in the stable behind her childhood home, where her mother bred and raised Arabian horses. Always the animal lover, she grew up with many cats, dogs, and horses.

After graduating from high school, Dr. Peters attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and within 3 years, she had completed enough prerequisite courses to be eligible for acceptance directly into vet school. She and her parents attended a seminar about Ross University, and she decided to apply to their accelerated vet school program in St. Kitts. After completing her tenure at Ross, she returned to LSU for her last year of clinical study. She also attended Colorado State University’s acupuncture training and certification program before completing her studies. By the age of 25, Dr. Peters had graduated through Ross Veterinary School, and after taking her California boards, she moved to California with her two golden retriever dogs, and an SUV packed to the brim! She worked for two years in Newport Beach before moving to Tiburon, California, where she worked at Mill Valley Pet Clinic until moving to Boise, Idaho in November of 2020.

Dr. Peters’ entire life has been centered around her love for animals and her desire to help them maintain a healthy and long life. She lives in Boise’s east end with her husband, Kevin, and their son, Mason, whom is growing up surrounded by animals and thinking his golden retrievers and gray cats are his brothers and sisters.

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