What is VOM?

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation is a healing technology that locates areas of the animal's nervous system that have fallen out of communication. Healing is induced by re-establishing communication.

About Your VOM Chiropractitioner:

Dr. Sarah Wolverton is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic.  She has a chiropractic practice in Boise, Idaho, but has always had the desire to combine her love for animals and chiropractic.  After all, it was a horse that got her into chiropractic in the first place.

Dr. Sarah, a native of Twin Falls, Idaho, began riding horses at the age of five.  She continued to ride by competing in 4-H, then open horse shows, and eventually at national level horse shows.  At the national level, traveling long distances to shows was unavoidable.  Her older horse often had to deal with the pain and stiffness of long hauls until his behavior became too problematic.  He didn't know any other way to communicate his pain and discomfort to Sarah other than being uncooperative.  Finally, it was suggested that Sarah find a chiropractor to adjust her frustrated horse.  It seemed so unheard of:  a horse chiropractor?  Sarah was so amazed at the results after her horse was adjusted that she found a chiropractor for herself.  At the age of nineteen, she began the eight year journey to her chiropractic degree.  This included an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado, a degree from Palmer West Chiropractic, and eventually Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation training in St. Louis, Missouri.

Is VOM Chiropractic Care?

VOM exists in between veterinary medicine and chiropractic care.  It has similarities to some of the chiropractic modalities, and works to restore function by reducing "subluxations" as is done in chiropractic care.  It uses a hand-held device that is similar to the device used in a popular human chiropractic technique called "Activator Methods", but is not to be confused with that technique.  The differences between VOM and chiropractic care are significant and distinct.

"subluxation" in chiropractic terminology is any area where there is an interruption of proper nerve communication, usually caused by improper stimulation of joint receptors or alignment of the spinal vertebrae.

Why is VOM so Accurate?

VOM finds and reduces all neuronal subluxations.  All neuronal subluxations have a pathological reflex associated with them. A pathological reflex is like a "knee-jerk response."  It is either there, or not.  It is an objective means to determine the presence and reduction of neuronal subluxations in animals. The pathological read is not "partially there" or "almost there" adding a factor of subjectivity to interpretation.

How it Works…

All chiropractic modalities have one thing in common;  they reduce the vertebral subluxation complex by providing motion or force to the fixated or subluxated joint.

What Can VOM Treat?

Conditions routinely treated include:

1)  Acute and non-acute lameness    10) Esophageal  disease

2) Progressive lameness                   11) Digestive disorders

3) Hip dysplasia-like syndromes        12) Performance issues

4) Intervertebral disc disease             13) Behavioral issues

5) Progressive myelopathies              14) Agility dysfunction

6) Urinary and fecal incontinence       15) Endocrine disease

7) Unilateral lameness

8) Wobbler's disease

9) Diseases of the knee

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